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本文摘要:The Financial Times gave part of my job to a robot last week. For years I have been making podcast versions of my column, but now I am faced with stiff competition — in the shape of Experimental Amy.近期,美国《金融时报》(Financial Times)将我的一部分工作中转送了一个机器人。

The Financial Times gave part of my job to a robot last week. For years I have been making podcast versions of my column, but now I am faced with stiff competition — in the shape of Experimental Amy.近期,美国《金融时报》(Financial Times)将我的一部分工作中转送了一个机器人。以往这么多年,我依然不容易把自己的专栏做成博客版本号,但如今我遇到了日趋激烈的市场竞争——来源于试验智能机器人艾米(Experimental Amy)。She is vastly undercutting me on price, is a quick learner and always does precisely what she is told.她的成本费近高过我,通过自学速率又慢,总有一天能严格遵守命令。


On the downside, I daresay she is a less convivial colleague than I am — but then you cannot have everything.她也是有缺点。在同事无趣相处层面,我敢说她比不上我,但一个人总不有可能十全十美吧。Being replaced by a robot is every worker’s worst nightmare, and when I discovered that she was muscling in on my act I was understandably distressed. Yet once I got over the outrage and sat down and listened to her work, I started to feel better.被智能机器人替代是每一位工薪族最恐怖的恶梦。

寻找她私自干预我工作,我难过也是能够讲解的。但当我们回忆起了怒火,桌椅来听得她的工作成效时,我刚开始觉得好一点了。I know it is early days for her, but at the moment Amy is no match for me: instead, according to my partial ear, she is absolutely useless. If you don’t believe me, listen. Click on the arrow at the top of this column to hear what Amy has to say, and then click here to hear my own version. Don’t read the words at the same time, just listen.我告诉她才面世直接,但就现阶段而言,艾米还并不是我的输了:能够讲到,在我那充满著种族歧视的耳朵里面听得来,艾米基本上不好。

PodcastListen to Lucy假如你没确信我,要求自身说出吧。网页页面本专栏顶端的箭头符号,讲出艾米的朗读,再次网页页面正下方,说出我的版本号。不必另外带读,只需听得就不足了。

Amy the robot wants my job, but she’s no match for me老实巴交讲到,艾米還是有一些优势的。最先,她的响声非常好听得。

To be fair, Amy does have some things going for her. For a start, she has a great voice.十年前我一开始音频专栏声频时,一位观众写信指责称作,我那“带著鼻声的河口话”迫不得已他立刻终断了观看。比较之下,艾米音质嘶哑,让人觉得,如同光滑的荷兰绒。When I started recording my columns a decade ago, one listener wrote in to complain that my “nasal Estuarine twang” meant he had to stop listening at once. By contrast, Amy’s voice has an agreeably low timbre and is smooth as velvet.她的第二个优势是永久免费。

艾米是amazon(Amazon)开售的一项将文字转换变成响声的新服务项目的一部分內容,彻底没成本费——至少与FT帮我的工资相比这般。Her second advantage is that she is practically free. She is part of a new service from Amazon that turns text to speech, and which costs nearly nothing — at least by comparison with what the FT pays me.更为令人震惊的是她的速率。


收到我写成的文本后接近2秒,她就能溶解语音版。这就相当于,当我们明完后咽喉,刚开始读书“上星期一,美国……”时,她就早就拿下了。Even more impressive is her speed. Less than two seconds after receiving my written text she has supplied a spoken version of it. Which means by the time I have cleared my throat and started to read: “Last Monday the Finan?.?.?.?” she has already finished.她工作中时无须劳师动众,独自一人就顺利完成了。比较之下,我都务必一位制片人,还得用以录音室。

我俩也要写成电子邮件商谈時间,碰面后也要毫无价值地寒喧一番。也要架机器设备,编写音频,剪去我全部卡住的地区。务必花销制片人三十分钟時间,自己还要花上上大约15分钟。In her case there is no kerfuffle involved and she does the job single-handedly. By contrast, my recording involves a producer, the use of a studio, the necessity of the two of us exchanging emails to confirm a mutually convenient time and then some idle pleasantries when we meet. It involves setting up equipment and then editing the clip to iron out all my stumbling. It takes half an hour of the producer’s time and about 15 minutes of mine.如果艾米的成效只能说得过去,她就败北了——但没。

她李家在不正确的方向终断,在该分离出来读书的地区变调,对语法的操控都不全方位。That would swing it if what Amy produced were halfway decent — but it is not. She keeps putting her full stops in the wrong places. She runs words together when they should be kept apart. Her grasp of syntax is patchy.听得她朗读推翻并不是像听非说英语的国家人员高声读书英文,只是一个没脑、情感或幽默风趣的人在学。本质上,她读书得很差了,我还沒有听不明白文章内容的含意——由于文章内容是我自己写成的,这還是能表述一些难题的。

Listening to her is not like listening to a non-English speaker read aloud, but to someone without brain, or heart, or sense of humour. Indeed her delivery is so poor that I do not even understand the column when she reads it — which is saying something given that I wrote it.艾米的学习十分险峻。两三年前,大家销售市场上的语音机器人听得一起还看上去杰夫?史蒂芬霍金(Stephen Hawking)在讲出。艾米的通过自学优化算法每日都会大哥她转型。

她那难以置信的朗读节奏感难题不容易解决困难的,语气也不会改进。她还不容易重进诈骗的感情和一些嘲笑。Amy’s learning curve is very steep. A couple of years ago mass-market voice bots sounded like Stephen Hawking. Every day Amy’s learning algorithms help her improve. Her weird timing will be fixed. Her intonation will get better. She will be able to do ersatz emotion and some jokes.但艾米总有一天也保证接近在讲解含意的基本上朗读,总有一天会不明白什么时候该终断,什么时候该取笑,总有一天会讽刺。她不容易再次做错事。

But Amy will never be able to read with understanding. Amy will never know when to pause and when to sneer. Amy will never do irony. She will continue to get it wrong.在最终这一点上,不容易受罚的如同她一个。我还在朗读时也不会受罚。有时候情况不容易有杂声。有时候我读书得太快,有时候语调有一点比较轻。

但我想要听众对大家的过失会某种意义看待。In the last she is not alone. I also make mistakes when I read. Sometimes there is a clanging in the background. Sometimes I read too fast or am a bit too emphatic. But I fancy that listeners do not treat our failings equally.人做错事,观众不容易讲解。


When a human screws up the audience understands why. Quite often a mistake makes us feel more closely tied to the person who has made it. But when a robot makes a mistake, we do not sympathise and are likely to lose faith in the whole undertaking.总而言之,我并不由于艾米要夺走我的工作而喜爱她。但我不会反感她将我的专栏读作哪个模样。她内战读书一通,我 再行看自己的文章,如同看迄今为止最令人费解和枯燥乏味的著作。


In the end, I do not resent Amy because she is about to steal my job. But I do dislike her for reading my columns like that. Put through her mangle, I see them as the most impenetrable, dreariest things ever written.假如格蕾斯去读书个海运气象预报或足球比赛結果,她不容易很会干。快速她就不容易担任一切可预测內容的朗读。但好栏目的重要就在这里:假如一篇文章是能够预测的,那它写成得就过度好。



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